BePro IT Academy has signed a partnership agreement with the leading Turkish company “Barikat” which specializes in cybersecurity. The document assumes organization and delivering certified courses on IT security on the basis of the education center of the capital in the nearest future.

“Barikat” company was founded in 2008. The company employs over one hundred technical experts who advise, train and provide technology services on IT security to 300 customers throughout around the world. The ministries, the army, air force, banks, insurance, industrial, energy, medical companies and others are among the last customers. By the results of 2016 “Barikat” ranked the 46th among 500 major IT companies in Turkey (compared to the 75th place in 2015).

Protection of the confidential information under conditions of severe competition has become a key objective for IT professionals, — says Sabina Ermetova, BeProITAcademy director. – Realizing the importance of supporting the information security of any company at the high level we have entered into a partnership agreement with the Turkish company “Barikat” which exclusively specializes in the issues of cybersecurity.

Soon the courses, in the framework of which experts will share their knowledge and practical experience in IT security with the trainees, will be opened on the basis of the education centre.

Certified courses will be characterized by a broad scope of topics and approaches to developing and providing new comprehensive solutions in the cybersecurity field.

Источник — Muic.